Helping You In A Variety Of Legal Issues

Olympia Law, P.C., is a general practice firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are dedicated to helping a variety of clients in a variety of issues. Our attorney, Bryan Naddafi, bring his experience, passion and expertise to every case and every client.

Practice Areas

Olympia Law, P.C., can represent you in these practice areas:

  • Contracts: Helping you compose, review and dispute contracts for business agreements, transactions and more.
  • Business law: Assisting you in business disputes, mergers and acquisitions, property issues and maintaining legal compliance.
  • Real estate: Representing individuals and businesses in real estate transactions.
  • Estate planning: Creating a plan for the future that protects your assets and ensures your beneficiaries receive everything according to your specifications.
  • Personal injury: Advocating for those who have suffered an injury at the hands of another in an auto accident.
  • Litigation: Helping you litigate in a variety of civil matters as well as any matters that may arise from the above practice areas.
  • Immigration: Guiding you through your immigration process to give you guidance and peace of mind.
  • Eminent domain: Getting the highest "just compensation" for your property in an eminent domain case.

Why A General Practice Firm Is Better

We are a general practice firm, which means our legal expertise and knowledge is deep and well-rounded. You do not need to search for an expert and pay exorbitant fees to get a competent lawyer. Our diversified experience makes us ready for anything, and our personal approach results in a legal plan that fits your unique needs. You can come to us again and again for almost any legal problem you face.

Additionally, we encounter many attorneys, judges and other members of the legal community. Our familiarity means we can build a case that caters to a judge's liking or takes advantage of an attorney's common oversights. As a result, we are always improving and sharpening our skills for our clients.

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Our legal services are varied, which means you can have us as your firm for life. Get started with us today by calling 702-706-8708 or sending an email. Se habla español.